Register Here!

Before you will be allowed entry, you will need to REGISTER as a member at Unit 1, see the "Register Now" button below the following Safety Brief.
You can read the full Terms and Conditions, by clicking HERE (please note: these T&C's are repeated on the last page of the registration form, which you MUST agree to before your registration is complete.)

CHILDREN 7yrs and below are only permitted to ride within the first 3 Hours of any session. 
(Unless both they and their parents are riding together)

Parents - For the safety of your children and all other riders, please make them aware of these key points before they attend the skatepark, especially if they are beginners.

Safety Brief

Action sports - Extreme Sports, can be extremely dangerous - you must do your best to ride as safely as possible.

Helmets must be worn at all time while riding, by anyone under 12 years old, we recommend helmets to be worn by ALL participants,  regardless of their age.
(Your head is the most important body part to protect, if you fall off or an accident happens, a helmets could save your life)

• Always look where you're going while riding, to make sure you don't cut in front of anyone.
(Skatepark use is intended to give people a place to practice tricks, not to ride round in circles non stop, you must make sure you do not get in anyone's way while they are riding and you must take it in turns)

• Do not follow too closely behind another riders.
(Especially during a general admission session... the ramp that a rider is riding towards may be where they are planning to complete a trick, tricks in urban sports involved swinging 'with speed' the riders scooter/Skateboard or BMX. If you follow closely behind people you may get hit by the person or their riding equipment which can cause serious injury to both of you.  You must stay well clear of other riders and wait your turn)

• Keep your legs close together while pushing especially going up or down ramps, do not push with wide legs.
(Pushing with wide legs limits your control of the your equipment, making falling over especially into the splits, more likely, increasing the risk of breaking bones)

• Never Lean Back while going down a ramp.
(Your body weight needs to be centralised with a slight lean forwards into the ramp)

• Only attempt ramps if you are confident that you can do them.
(Trying something that you are not experienced enough to do increases your risk of injury)

• Do not run around, play games or slide down the ramps, the ramps are for practicing riding purposes only.

• Finally, Make sure you a riding safely at all times urban sport are dangerous, therefore you need to be extra careful, concentrate on what you are doing and do not distract others while they are riding.

Anyone under 16 years old must have their registration form completed by THEIR OWN parent/legal guardian before their first session here at Unit 1.

Anyone under 12 years old must wear a helmet. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to make sure their child wears a helmet while in the park. (We do have a limited number of helmets to hire from the tuck shop)

 Thank you!