Info and How to book...

Please note, a £10 'non-refundable' deposit must be paid upon booking any lesson, the remaining balance can be paid on the day.

For skateboarding lessons there is a minimum 1 month notice required for all bookings, due to limited availability and extremely high demand.

Many thanks

(Skateboarding & Scooter):

  • 1:1 ONLY - 30 Minutes - £17.50pp
  • 1:1 1hr - £35pp
  • 2:1 1hr - £22.50pp
  • 3:1 1hr - £18pp
  • Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 
  • Between 4pm and 7pm

    How to Book a Lesson:
    Email us with the following info-

    • Name and Age of the student(s) for whom you are booking
    • Preferred Date and Time
    • Ability Level: Complete Beginner, Intermediate Beginner, Advanced Beginner

      Please Note: All students must be 7yrs+ to start skateboarding or scooter lessons.
      All ages welcome, for general admission.
      Thank you. 

    EMAIL: unit1parkworks@hotmail.com
    Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you!